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Who I am

Each piece is unrepeatable, every root unique, every result studied, every wood a memory.

Giovanni Angelozzi

It was in a beautiful place like the Maldives that I began to work the wood that had been found on the beach after storm surges to create unique design furnishings.

A professional diver, always around the world in contact with nature this was the beginning of my personal adventure of working the roots. Walking on the Maldivian beaches it was easy to spot roots and also whole trunks of trees coming from other islands. So I started to model the woods  that are found only at those latitudes. Resistant and articulated roots, but molded with art and love to give life to interior design works. With time I’ve  managed to bring all my works directly from the Maldives to Italy, where I’ve  decided to share my passion with other art and design lovers.

My works represent the evolution of roots as they are transformed from a simple natural element into a unique piece of furniture through the combination of wood, glass, and steel. Here in Italy  I mainly work with olive roots and cypress, and cherry, just to mention a few.

The tree from which each root comes, gives its name to the line of works made with that particular type of wood. Different features that can be adapted to different environments and styles. We bring art to your homes.